Tall Tribeca Bud Vase - Two Penny Blue
Tall Tribeca Bud Vase - Two Penny Blue
Tall Tribeca Bud Vase - Two Penny Blue
Tall Tribeca Bud Vase - Two Penny Blue

Tall Tribeca Bud Vase

$ 48.00

Add a pop of geometric pattern to your space with the Tribeca Bud Vase. The alternating triangle pattern, and soft color palette is the perfect modern addition to any room.

Details & Care

The Tall Tribeca Bud Vase is 16.5 inches high and 5 inches in diameter. This piece is made of ceramic.

Styling & Gifting

 Have more questions?  We truly love hearing from you.  Please give us a call at 866-207-1272 or send us an e-mail at customercare@2pennyblue.com and we would love to help. 

 Impact of Purchase

5% of the net profits from this purchase will be donated to support girls education initiatives around the world.  

Why support girls' education globally?  Because currently, more than 62 million girls worldwide are not in school.  That's 62 million daughters and sisters that wake up every morning wanting to learn, but are denied the opportunity to do so. Together, with you, we know that we can make change happen and have an impact on the lives of these young girls and the communities in which they live.  Let's do this. Why?  Because we can, and we must, and most importantly because we believe that there is no greater force on this earth than women helping women.

Want to know more?  Please visit our OUR GLOBAL IMPACT page for more information on why we are so passionate about girls' education.  

Who are the young girls we are supporting?  Please take a moment to read about the inspiring students we are helping on our STUDENT STORIES page.  Learn about the hopes and dreams of second grade girls from Akili Prep School in Kenya.  Students like Daisy Nicole, Opayi, Pheny, and Ester (below) share what they want to be when they grow up, who their hero is, what their favorite subject is, and lots more.